Welcome to our workshop! We are a family of 10 who love creating and believe in passing on the joy of art.  All items in our shop are handcrafted with love by one of our family members.  Each class is carefully planned out so that your little ones are learning while they have fun and create.  Adult classes are created with the intention of a fun and relaxing environment where you can get away from the day to day stress. Use our party room and we will help you set up and celebrate your special day as if it was for one of our own!  We look forward to meeting you and having you join our creative family <3

About the Director:  Amanda is a mother of 8 wonderful biological children.  She has taught Sunday school, arts and crafts, dance, and worked as a teacher’s assistant with her experience totaling just over 25 years. She believes that, “As Albert Einstein once said, creativity is contagious and should be passed on. It is essential for everyone, young children especially, to take a step back from electronics and learn multi-disciplinary arts.  Creativity sparks innovation, self-expression, learning.  It reduces stress and anxiety, but also provides a sense of self-accomplishment and pride.  Young children need to have a sense of purpose and learn to think outside of the box and problem solve. I strongly believe that creativity provides all this, while simultaneously allowing you to have fun and connect with others who share the same passion.”